Rumours of Lollipop disbanding, the 6 now is in different managing companies AoQuan, XiaoYu, WeiLian and AWei is signed under Gold Typhoon while WangZi and XiaoJie is signed under A Legend Star, there’s also rumours of Andy who created Lollipop complained to someone privately.

End of last month, the 4 members appeared at an event at Hong Kong and was greeted by an “ungrateful” banner. Facing such rumours, splitting up is already confirmed.

News from a reporter, WangZi and XiaoJie has already moved out of Lollipop’s apartment. Their time of sticking together 24 hours and the heart of working hard together is the past now. Their private life is now split into 2, looks like the only time to see them together is during on stage.

WangZi and XiaoJie manager Andy admitted that they have already moved last month “Because WangZi need to film and XiaoJie will have his own plan, so now is the time to fight for themselves, their goals is different.” MaoDi is also under A Legend Star, their new house will be at DaAnQu and MaoDi will also be living with them “WangZi and MaoDi are biological brothers therefore they can take care of each other.”

Gold Typhoon stated although WangZi and XiaoJie moved out, when rent contract is over they will find a new home. The 4 members will often practice dance together, attend lessons together so they will still continue to live together.

Also there are rumours that Lollipop is left with 1 album on their contract, afterward they will disband. Gold Typhoon director responded whether if it’s their last album we cannot reveal but it’s confirm that Lollipop still has at least 2 products. Start of the year they will release a photobook and during summer they will release an album.

Andy’s new company “A Legend Star” opening ceremony was today, unfortunately AoQuan and XiaoYu is at China recording for a show. WeiLian and AWei will be the representative.

Aw… So finally they aren’t living together anymore. Still a bit sad at that as they mention they enjoy living together. I guess maybe different companies can’t live together. But at least WangZi and MaoDi are living together now, the brothers need to spend more time together.