Konbanwa! ^^

Kebetulan aku dapet hasil wawancara Myojo April 100 Q dengan Yamada. Hanya saja pakai bahasa Inggris. Gomen! ^^v

Langsung aja ya! ini diaa!

How will you propose: Let me have your heart. 
What is your charm feature: Chubby cheeks 
How would others describe your personality: Like things his way and stubborn. Sometimes I don’t listen to my mom when she orders me to sleep early. 
Hand and foot you are used to: Right. 
Eyesight: Left 0.3 and right 0.2 
Your weakness: Ticklish on the sides. 
Something you are proud of: I can eat ice cream really fast. When Chinen and I were eating the ice cream, I already finished mine when Chinen is only halfway 
Problem with your body: I seem to be chubby everywhere. 
What underwear do you wear: Boxer brief 
What do you sleep in: Sport jersey or T-shirt. Recently I slepp in long sleeve shirt since it is cold. 
Your sleeping pose is: According to others it is very classic ^^.I often roll out of my quilt. 
How long do you stay in the bath: 30 min. Even in the summer I love a nice long bath. 
Where do you start washing: Left arm. 
Who are you best at mimicking: Yamashita Senpai (Yamapi). Sometimes people say I sound like him. 
Favorite shopping area: Harajuku 
What do you usually buy at the convenience store? Snacks, mostly gummy candies. 
Most expensive thing you ever bought: A wallet. It costs 40000 yen but it would last long so it is worth it. 
Your treasure is: My guinea pigs, rabbit and hamster. My house is like a zoo. My favourite game now is Biohazard. 
What is something you should apologize for: None because I always apologize when I’ve done something wrong. 
Favorite stylish accessories: Hats. I have 20 of them but I actually only wear 5. 
Hair style you want to try out: Brown hair. 
Your hobby right now: Computer games 
Your motto: “To be washed away”. I think it is important that sometimes when I am being disagreed upon or told I am wrong I let things go. 
Your favorite song: Kinki Kid’s Mafuyu no Panze. 
Favorite color: White 
Favorite movie: Biohazard 
Favorite book: Yamada Yuusuke’s A-course and F-course, it was interesting 
Favorite comic: Kurozu 
Favorite ramen: Miso ramen 
Favorite TV show: Currently Kinpachi 8. Oh! And 1 Pound Gospel (laugh) 
Favorite food: Strawberry and eggplant. 
Least favorite food: Natto, anything sticky and tomato. 
Favorite emoticon: *smiley face* ^_^ 
Afraid of: Ghosts, dark places, airplanes. Too many? 
You recently cried about: I haven’t cried recently. 
You recently laughed about: When Keito was teaching me English on the bullet train, He suddenly shouted “Fire!” 
You are happy about: Our CD debut and the Tokyo dome concert. 
You angry about: Ryutaro thinks too negatively. 
What is a recent dream you had: I was in the world of Biohazard and fighting an enemy with bare hands. 
A recent moment you jumped in: Yesterday when I was dancing during a recording. 
Have you camped recently? : I’ve never camped nor skied before. What if a bear comes out? 
The last time you used a shampoo: Yesterday. Shampooing three times is my obsession. (No wonder someone’s hair looks like he is in a shampoo ad throughout the whole TGQ) 
Your type of girl: Kind and honest girl. 
You like her to…: Of course, smile. 
Where will you date: The beach. 
Ideal kiss situation: Where there are beautiful neon lights. 
How would you confess to a girl? Because I like you, so please go out with me. 
What confession do you want to hear from a girl: Anything from which I can understand her feelings. 
How would you want to be called by your girlfriend? Ryosuke 
Number of confession experience: 1 time in kindy. 
What would you not want a girl to do? To cheat on me. 
What gift would you give a girl: A necklace. 
A word from a girl that would make you happy: Thank you 
A word from a girl that would shock you: Disgusting 
How long would you wait for a late girlfriend? 30 min. But why would anyone be late on a date? 
Your first love: When I was in kindergarten. 
When would you get married?: I think I will be late because I’m in the entertainment business. But I would love to get married by 25. 
How many kids do you want? 2 or 3 
Anything you want to say to your feature wife?: I am very noisy but lets live a lively life. 
Name for your kids: For a boy Tsubasa (feather)or Ku (Sky). For a girl Umin (Sea). I want a fresh feeling name. 
What does your family call you by? Ryosuke. 
Your most memorable family holiday is: Hakone. I went in the hot springs. I want to go again. 
Food your family famous for: Dumplings. 
What do you call your parents by: Ka-chan for mom and To-chan for dad. When I want my dad to play with me I call him “big brother” 
What was your breakfast today?: Tuna rice ball. 
First memory you remember: My father chasing me in the mask of a Barutan alien. I was so scared. 
Your Childhood dream is: Become Ultra-man but later on I wanted to be a soccer player. 
The most serious injury you had: In a soccer practice I broke my right index and middle finger. Another time I failed doing a back flip and broke my right index and middle finger again as well as my little finger. 
Talent classes you went when you were small: Soccer and Art classes. 
Favorite place at school: My desk. I can sleep on it during breaks. 
Favorite school lunch: Soy ramen. 
Least favorite school lunch: (Some sort of fish that I have no idea). 
Favorite subject: Everything other thant Japanese, Math and Society. 
Lest favorite subject: Japanese math and society. 
Favorite sport activity: 50m sprint because I’m always in the top 3. 
Least favorite sport activity: Ball rolling 
Responsibility in class: Health. 
What do you do in your break time?: Sleeping or soccer. 
The longest phone conversation: 40 min. Most of the time it ends in 2 seconds, like telling my mom I am coming home. 
How many times do you mail in one day? 6 times. Mostly family members. 
How many mails are in saved in your mobile phone? 80. 
Place you want to go: England, where Keito used to live. 
Respected person: Hikaru. Because he can control the muscles in his face. 
Person you want to see the most: Domoto Koichi. When we were guests in “Shin Domoto Kyoudai” I was so nervous I couldn’t talk to him properly. Next time I see him I want to ask him to take me on a drive. 
What do you desire now: Time. Because I have so many movies I want to watch. 
Most respected Senpai: Koichi kun and Yamamoto Ryuta kun. Ryuta is the same height as me but have great dancing and acrobatic skills. 
If you are the prime minister of Japan you will: I’m going to make prices cheaper. Especially clothes. It is just fabric. 
What do you want to do most if you become a girl? Talk in high voice. 
You won $3billion, how would you use ot? I’m going to be confused first. I would buy a Ferrari and go to the movies. The leftovers I would save. 
What do you want to be if you were reborn? I want to be a Johnny still. 
Your house is on fire what is the first thing you do? Grab my pets. 
What would you do on the last day of Earth? Sleep. If I sleep during death I won’t feel the pain. 
Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? Takaki kun. Because he is nice. 
Who do you want from HSJ to be your son? Keito. Because he is reliable and sometimes funny. 
Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? For older brother, Hikaru. For little brother, Ryutaro. Because both of them are really funny and I don’t think I would get bored with them. 
What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? You are old. 
HSJ’s top goal is: To have a concert at Tokyo dome again

Bagaimana?? puas puas puas??

Semoga kalian menikmatinya! ^^


credits to:translation from Myojo April 100 Q interview with Ryosuke Yamada