01.Who is bad at waking up?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Nakajima Yuto. After waking up, he looks around restlessly, and his hair’s a mess.

Nakajima Yuuto picks Arioka Daiki. No matter how many times he gets up, he’s still not really awake. He also has this dazed look on his face.

Chinen Yuuri picks Arioka Daiki. Once, when we went to another location, even though he was already up, he wasn’t awake at all.

Morimoto Ryuutaro picks Morimoto Ryuutaro. I’m terrible in the morning. I have to be told “Ryuutaro, breakfast is ready, wake up!” about ten times.

Okamoto Keito picks Okamoto Keito. It would really be bad if I don’t fall asleep twice. I set the alarm clock 30 minutes before the target time, so I can sleep again.

Arioka Daiki picks Arioka Daiki. It’s absolutely me. I’m confident about it. (laughs)

Takaki Yuuya picks Takaki Yuuya. Hmm, between Arioka and I… probably me? It’s because I’m always sound asleep in trains and such.

Inoo Kei picks Arioka Daiki. Absolutely Arioka! I think the other members will also pick him.

Yaotome Hikaru picks Arioka Daiki. When we go to other locations, it takes him 20 minutes to be fully awake after getting up from bed.

Yabu Kota picks Arioka Daiki. Once in a while he comes late. It’s probably because he’s bad at waking up.

And the winner is: Arioka Daiki with 6 votes!
02. Who’s the number 1 glutton?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. When I had hamburger left-overs, Ryuutarou asked me, “Can I eat it?” and then gobbled it up.

Nakajima Yuuto picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. It’s because he eats yakiniku and the like until he’s satisfied .

Chinen Yuuri picks Yamada Ryousuke. He loves strawberries and can eat one whole pack on his own. Also, after he eats a bentou, you can find him eating something again later.

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. I eat up to fifteen plates of “light sushi”. I can also eat up to 5 portions if it’s yakiniku. It’s because I’m a growing boy and I’m at the height of my growth.

Okamoto Keito picks Okamoto Keito. I eat a lot. The other day, I ate 6 bentous and even had snacks after that.

Arioka Daiki picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. When it comes to snacks, it’s Ryuutarou. When there are snacks in our job location, he always eats it by himself.

Takaki Yuuya picks Yamada Ryousuke. He eats sweets a lot.

Inoo Kei picks Inoo Kei. I eat a lot. (laughs) I usually eat 2 bentous. I don’t eat in between meals though.

Yaotome Hikaru picks Inoo Kei. He’s the kind of glutton, who, when we eat together, normally eats 3 servings of rice.

Yabu Kota picks Takaki Yuuya. He really eats a lot. He eats two bentous, and even eats a lot of sweets.

AND THE WINNER IS: Morimoto Ryuutarou with 4 votes!
O3. Who’s the coolest?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Takaki Yuuya. When he appears in his dorama, the way he overlaps with his role is cool to watch.

Nakajima Yuuto picks Takaki Yuuya. I saw Gokusen the othe day and he looked really cool. But in reality, he’s playful too.

Chinen Yuuri picks Yamada Ryousuke. He’s cool and cute!

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Yamada Ryousuke. He resembles my hamster but, his looks are cool, and his upper body muscles are great!

Okamoto Keito picks Yaotome Hikaru. From his casual clothes to the way he carries himself, Hikaru is cool!

Arioka Daiki picks Okamoto Keito. During breaks at work, he reads these thick books; he looks really cool!

Takaki Yuuya picks Yamada Ryousuke. He’s the coolest when dancing. It’s not just because he looks cool, but it’s because he’s actually good at it.

Inoo Kei picks Yabu Kota. He’s an “ikemen” when he’s silent, but he’s funny when he talks. I think this gap is cool too.

Yaotome Hikaru picks Yabu Kota. He’s tall, he has good sense of style, and whatever western-style clothing he wears looks good on him. That’s what makes him cool.

Yabu Kota picks Yamada Ryousuke. Sure he’s good at dancing, but he’s serious attitude toward anything he does is cool too. Even when playing games. (laughs)

And the winner is Yamada Ryousuke with 4 votes!

Question: Who is most likely kind to girls?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Takaki Yuuya. For some reason, it’s the impression I get from the way he looks. And his hair’s brown too! Senseless? (laughs)

Nakajima Yuuto picks Okamoto Keito. Keito is really a good person. He looks like the type who can attend to a girl properly.

Chinen Yuuri picks Takaki Yuuya. Takaki-kun is kind to anyone. I believe he’ll be just as kind to women.

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Chinen Yuuri. He’s normally kind to people. Chinen-kun looks like my hamster too.

Okamoto Keito picks Nakajima Yuuto. He always starts conversations with the members, and he’s always full of vigor. That’s why I think he’ll be kind to women.

Arioka Daiki picks Yabu Kota. It’s probably just my image of him, but, he’ll probably escort a girl like an adult.

Takaki Yuuya picks Takaki Yuuya. Because I think I keep in touch a lot. (laughs)

Inoo Kei picks Yaotome Hikaru. Hmmm, when it comes to being kind… could it be Hikaru? He’s simply that way, or more like, he’s kind by nature, so he’ll probably be kind to girls too.

Yaotome Hikaru picks Yaotome Hikaru. Unless there is some exceptional reason, I don’t lose my temper when confronting girls. That’s what my parents taught me.

Yabu Kota picks Yabu Kota. I don’t know the reason, but I’m probably no. 1 at this! I always get told that I’m kind.

And the winner is Takaki Yuuya with 3 votes!
Q5: Who appears to be attracted to physical looks only?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Nakajima Yuuto. When he sees girls, he says “Cute!” a lot, so he’s absolutely the type who’s attracted to physical attributes.

Nakajima Yuto picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. Because he’s still young. I expect he still doesn’t know much about love.

Chinen Yuuri picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. He doesn’t seem to be aware of reality, and he doesn’t seem to have interest in cute girls. I’m not like him, though! (laughs)

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Nakajima Yuuto. He was just talking about how he saw a cute girl on the train, or how he’s thinking about what his type is like earlier. (laughs)

Okamoto Keito picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. Doesn’t he look like he’ll fall for someone with just a glance?

Arioka Daiki picks Inoo Kei. When we read magazines together and there’s a picture of a girl, he reacts.

Takaki Yuuya picks Nakajima Yuuto. This is just my imagination, but, he looks like the type who contemplates on whether he likes this cute girl or not.

Inoo Kei picks Chinen Yuuri. His standards seem high!

Yaotome Hikaru picks Arioka Daiki. When we’re walking around the city, he suddenly turns around to look at girls. When he sees women wearing sexy clothes, he also goes, “Ohh.”

Yabu Kota picks Nakajima Yuuto. He says, “There’s no one I like,” because there’s no cute girl around.

And the winner is Nakajima Yuuto with 4 votes!
Who looks like he’ll get married early?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Takaki Yuuya. He’s a person who says, “Faster! Faster!” at anything. (Laughs)

Nakajima Yuuto picks Yamada Ryousuke. Because he’s surprisingly mature for his age. Moreover, he’s cool, and he looks like he’s good at attracting women.

Chinen Yuuri picks Takaki Yuuya. There’s no particular reason, but, he has that kind of aura.

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Takaki Yuuya. Not that he has that aura, but just because he’s older.

Okamoto Keito picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. Being in a hurry is part of his personality, so he might get married early. He looks like the type whose papers and procedures will quickly be processed in the family register.

Arioka Daiki picks Takaki Yuuya. Even from way back, his desire to get married is the strongest among the members. That’s why I feel like he’ll be the first to get married.

Takaki Yuuya picks Takaki Yuuya. I want to get married before I reach 30. It’s actually 24, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Arioka Daiki picks Okamoto Keito. He looks like he’ll do shocking things the European way.

Yabu Kota picks Takaki Yuuya. He seems like the type who doesn’t even ask for love advice, but will one day surprise you by suddenly getting married.

And the winner is Takaki Yuuya with 6 votes!

Who do you think is perverted?

Yamada Ryousuke picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. Ryuutarou will be offended but, his secret self has not woken up just yet.

Nakajima Yuuto picks Yaotome Hikaru. Hikaru-kun is a cheerful pervert, that’s why he’s rather interesting!

Chinen Yuuri picks Morimoto Ryuutarou. When everyone talks about that kind of stuff, he pretends to be busy with video games, but he’s actually listening.

Morimoto Ryuutarou picks Yabu Kota. If I say this, I’ll get scolded, but if we’re talking about that, it’s Yabu-kun. He’s mature so he looks a bit perverted.

Okamoto Keito picks Yabu Kota. Because he’s the oldest among the members.

Arioka Daiki picks all members. We’re all guys so we’re perverts by nature.

Takaki Yuuya picks Yabu Kota. Well, he’s the oldest. You feel like you’ve become an adult around Yabu-kun’s age, right?

Inoo Kei picks Inoo Kei. All I think about is perverted stuff! But seriously, my hair grows fast! (laughs)

Yaotome Hikaru picks Inoo Kei. He has a lot of green jokes. At those times, the members just sigh. (laughs)

Yabu Kota picks Yamada Ryousuke. It’s unintentional, but, his facial expression when he’s serious is somewhat erotic! (laughs)

And the winner is Yabu Kota with 3 votes!