On February 19th, actress Shida Mirai (18) and Kawaguchi Haruna (17) attended the first day premiere for their starring movie “POV ~Norowareta Film~”.

This horror film tells the story of two girls dragged into a series of supernatural phenomenon during their filming for a program. To demonstrate the level of horror of this movie, Shida introduced herself with, “We don’t know when or where something will happen so be careful during your trip home.” She then admitted that she is weak against scary stories and stated her experience with, “During our spare time in the filming studio, Kawaguchi told me a scary story and that was the scariest. Honestly, I wanted her to stop.

On the other hand, Kawaguchi is a fan horror stories and commented, “When I heard Shida disliked scary stories, I was excited about that. I told her plenty of stories to bully her,” laughing at her mischief.

The director of this film, Tsuruta Norio (51), is known as the master of Japanese horror with his contributions like “Ring 0: Birthday” and others. He stated, “Last year, Japan had bitter experiences, but Japanese horror is still grabbing attention from people around the world. If we make them recognize what Japanese horror is, I think we can show the energy of Japan to the rest of the world,” showing his confidence.

Source & Images: TV Asahi