On April 4th, SKE48’s official blog announced that member Matsui Jurina has been hospitalized to recover from overwork and fatigue.

Matsui herself says she is fine, however, her doctor determined that she is experiencing “dizziness caused by anemia, and overwork“.

On March 25th, Matsui left during the middle of AKB48’s concert at Saitama Super Arena after singing 1 song. She was also absent from the group’s handshake events on March 31st and April 1st.

Although she had informed her manager about her poor health for several months, Matsui continued her activities as she insisted, “I absolutely don’t want to rest.

Matsui’s physician persuaded her saying, “Right now, even if you do your best, you’re just going to make your fans worry if you’re ’suddenly absent’ like the handshake event the other day.” The doctor further explained, “You’ll be able to recover within a few days if you get lots of sleep and nutrition“, and decided on her hospitalization.

The agency promised to cooperate in taking care of Matsui’s health along with the doctors, her mother, and the manager. They stated, “Right now, we would be happy if you please watch over her warmly.

Get well soon Jurina!