On April 8th, a new CM for the Doraemon CM series of  TOYOTA’s campaign ‘ReBORN‘, was released. As we reported before, a french actor, Jean Reno, plays Doraemon and Tsumabuki Satoshiplays Nobita.

This 5th CM version is titled “Suneo’s nice driving”, and Yamashita Tomohisa, who plays Suneo, invites Nobita and Doraemon to his palatial residence to show off his car collection. As Doraemon(Jean Reno) mutters that all his cars are TOYOTA, Suneo rides up on one of those car and leaves to go for a drive with a ‘pretty girl’. Nobita(Tsumabuki) assumes that the ‘pretty girl’ is Shizuka-chan(Mizukawa Asami), and out of jealousy, he chases Suneo with Doraemon using his tool “Takekoputa”.

However, Nobita finds out that Suneo actually went to a nursing home to take elderly people on a drive with his car. Nobita is touched Suneo’s kindness, as Sunyeo has never told him about helping the elderly and instead, remarks, “Ah, I had a so much fun,” after coming back home. Nobita, thus realizes what Suneo does, but instead of mentioning anything, he just says, “I will take a ‘pretty girl’ for a drive, too.

Check out the latest CM of this series, and the previous versions below, if you haven’t done so already!

“Suneo’s nice driving”