On April 11th, it was announced that the late-night NTV drama ‘Muse no Kagami‘ starring AKB48’sSashihara Rino will be adapted into a movie.

Sashihara attended the press announcement in Tokyo and nominated child actor Suzuki Fuku as a new addition to the cast. In fact, she would like him to play her love interest in the movie and film some cute lovey-dovey scenes together with him.

In the drama she plays a poor girl who happened to set foot on the path of an actress at the ‘Gekidan Muse’ theater troupe. The movie won’t be a continuation of the drama but depict a different story. For Sashihara this is going to mark her first starring role in a movie and she immediately made a love call to the child actor. “Why not allow us go out with each other?” she proposed at the press conference. “Make him hopelessly fall in love with me at first sight!

Sashihara already appeared together with Suzuki in various shows, such as the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, but they’ve actually never spoken a word with each other. She confessed, “Fuku-kun is very popular with other members as well, so when I saw him talking with Maeda (Atsuko), I thought it would be nice to get such a chance myself.

Fukuda Yuichi, the director of ‘Muse no Kagami’, actually is also the director of the Suzuki’s upcoming drama ‘Kodomo Keisatsu‘. She’s currently begging Fukuda to convince Suzuki into the role and while he promised to make him an official offer, he also had fun teasing Sashihara. “When I recently asked him which AKB members he likes, I didn’t hear your name at all,” he said at the press conference.

Although Fukuda and Sashihara herself know that she’s a pretty hopeless actress, they are looking forward to the movie. “It’s only because I have yet to learn the basics of acting,” she admitted coolly.

‘Muse no Kagami’ is planned to be released sometime this summer.