Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing the Tokyo Dome performance of their nationwide tour, ‘Kis-My-MiNT Tour‘, in DVD form on June 20th.

‘Kis-My-MiNT Tour’ was held earlier this spring and attracted over 260,000 fans. The boys performed tracks off of their 1st album, ‘Kis-My-1st‘, as well as songs from their Johnny’s Jr. era.

The DVD will be available in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition will come with 2 DVDs consisting of live footage and off shots. It will also come with a CD including 5 songs from their Jr. era, and a photo book.

Check out the track list below!


<Limited Edition>

DVD Disc 1:
Kis-My-MiNT Tour (Tokyo Dome LIVE)

DVD Disc 2:
Off Shot Footage

Special CD:
01. Tension
02. Hair
03. No.1 Friend
04. Sennen no Love Song
05. Ame

<Regular Edition>

Kis-My-MiNT Tour (Tokyo Dome LIVE)